Barrel Roll Printing Machine

Barrel Roll Printing Machine

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The production efficiency is high: roll printing machine production efficiency is 2.5 times more than the traditional screen printing. 1ml syringe with injection work 24 hours more than 250000 yield, 2.5ml, 5ml, 24 hours more than 300000 yield, 10ml, 20ml, 24 hours production reached more than 220000. 2 people at the same time we can see 3 sets of equipment, you can save the 5-6 compared with the traditional screen printing machine. (a device covers an area of and screen printing machine similar) 
Printing supplies low: printing part of the drum type rubber seal, can effectively reduce the loss amount of ink, a kilo of ink can yield more than 1000000, the same production printing ink can save 1/3 of the original. 
Low noise: the product of stable gear transmission, the noise is low. High pass rate, positioning accuracy up to 99.9%, even one hundred percent. The biggest advantage: a positioning member, without plate, two, don't adjust the direction. The rejection rate of products to a minimum, the qualified rate of more than 99.9%. 
According to the requirement of special technology purification plant design, completely avoid the manual contact cylinder, simple operation, convenient repair. All operations are controlled by the computer program, operating panel with humanized LCD liquid crystal display, only the staff given operational command.

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