DPXB-40C Versatile Thermoforming machine

DPXB-40C Versatile Thermoforming machine

DPXB/C Model thermoforming machine is our superior model for flexible or rigid film sealable packaging and extends the functions and applications of our basic B Model. With its solid stainless steel frame construction, this high-performance system will stand up even in the harshest operating conditions. In addition to all the features of the B Model, it equips the functions for rigid packaging especially, featuring a transverse multi-link energizer molding thrust mechanism to create the rigid package with rounded corners; robust backwards open precision gripper chain combined with unique structural design of open folder cam ensures the web is held more flat. The dimensions of this flexible model were made for large formats and high productivity.

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Medium to high production capability
Ability to run various materials such as flexible film, PS, PETS, PVC, HIPS and etc.
Maximum cycle rate of 18 cycles per minute for soft blister package and 10 cycles per minute for rigid 
  blister package
Standard web film width 400mm and Maximum web width up to 540mm customized
Standard cut-off length 320mm and max up to 400mm customized
Standard forming depth 80mm and max up to 130 mm customized
Designed for maximum hygiene
Servo driven chain
Ingredient of all function of B model
Dual unwind stand with automatic edge guide for bottom web
Low noise scrap removal and chopper systems for semi-rigid edge trim removal
Stainless steel construction for improved durability in harsh environments

Integration and supply of thermal transfer printers, inkjet printers, labelers, etc.
Integration and supply of product feeder/loaders, fillers, etc.

Package Types:
Flexible Packaging
Foil-Foil Packaging
Semi-Rigid Packaging
Rigid Packaging
Vacuum Packaging
Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP)

Package Change Parts:

One and two preheat stations using contact heating from one side or both sides
One and two preheat stations using non-contact radiant heat
Thermoforming around a male plug
Thermoforming into a female die with and without plug assist
Temperature controlled plug assist
Round corner trimming of S/R packages using male-female punch and dies
Quick Change feature

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