Professional CNC sliding grinder

Professional CNC sliding grinder

The standard CNC machine control system . Dedicated to precision grinding linear guide slider body . Diamond grinding wheel vertical wheel trim molding , using both sides of the molded plunge grinding slider body raceway, and other specifications can grinding 15-85 slider , high degree of automation , high production efficiency , accuracy and stability , easy to operate.

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 This machine is a cross board structure. With vertical speed spindle . Machine Longitudinal , lateral 
  movement , vertical feed grinding are servo   motor + ball screw driven . Using linear rolling guide rail . Which
  infeed , vertical feed standard for the whole closed-loop ( J HEIDENHAIN encoders   control due . Feed a
  minimum sensitivity of 0 5 um

 The machine has FANUC, SlEMENS other CNC system is optional. Automatic machining process. And
  dressing the grinding wheel may be positioned automatically compensate for the loss . Achieve full Automatic
  grinding.Can store a variety of specifications slider grinding position , finishing position. High degree of
  automation . Equipped with a manual pulse generator. Can be easily adjusted to achieve the knife .

 High-speed machine tool spindle . With the drive , so you can achieve the desired line speed wheel . Spindle
  equipped with water and oil mist lubrication device , effectively improve the grinding life.

 Effectively improve the grinding wheel so that the machine uses diamond trim molding . Dressing saving.High

 Configuring Magnetic chuck , no fever deformation, ensuring the accuracy of the workpiece grinding .1-16
  stalls adjustable holding force .

 With automatic centralized lubrication systems. Grease the feed axis ball screw and linear guide.Can be timed
  automatic lubrication , lubrication can be forced through the button . Bed fully enclosed protection, fog suction
  device configuration , can effectively remove water vapor and mist grinding area.

Lim optional horizontal grinding machine . For sucker surface grinding, plane parts can be processed.

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