Vertical spindle surface grinder

Vertical spindle surface grinder

Vertical spindle surface grinder,Thermoforming vacuum packaging,Thermoforming machine for food packaging,Thermoforming machine for medical packaging,Blister thermoforming packaging machine

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Main application:

This machine use abrasive segments to grind the surface of the workpiece.

Machine specification:

This highly-automatized grinding machine use PLC control, with manual and automatic two grinding mode, auto-mode equipped with a variety of grinding procedures.

The machine grinding head vertical feed movement adopts servo motor + precision gearboxes + ball screw drive mode, with high feed accuracy and stability.

The machine is equipped with independent operation button station, touch screen, manual pulse generator, the operation is simple and convenient.

The worktable movement of the machine is driven by hydraulic, controlled by servo valve, with table speed stepless regulation, and having left stop function.

The machine has a powerful grinding head, and the cooling water controls the temperature rise of the grinding spindle and the motor. The abrasive segments grinding range is bigger than the width of worktable, featuring high grinding efficiency.

The machine worktable and bed using double V type sliding guideway, and the table guideway is covered with low friction PTFE plates. The independent lubricating oil tank provided the spray oil lubrication to the guideways, so this ensures the better guideway accuracy and long life.

The machine has very good safety protection function, when grinding the workpiece which is fixed on worktable via magnetic chuck, if the chuck lack of suction force, the worktable can stop move, and at same time the grinding head will automatically lift up.

Model MPL430 MPL440 MPL460
Working Table Table surface size (L×W) mm 3000×400 4000×400 6000×400
Max. grinding size(L×W×H) mm 3000×400×400 4000×400×400 6000×400×400
Max.Table longitudinal traverse mm 3500 4500 6500
Table longitudinal speed (stepless) m/min 3-20 3-20 3-20
Table T-slots(Number×W) mm 3×18 3×18 3×18
Max. Table load kg 1800 2400 3500
Grinding Head Grinding spindle speed r/min 750 750 750
Max.Rapid elevating speed of grinding spindle mm/min 500 500 500
Dial value of vertical feed hand wheel mm 0.005 0.005 0.005
Vertical auto feed rate mm/min 0-0.3 0-0.3 0-0.3
Size of abrasive segment(L×W×H) mm 150×80×25 150×80×25 150×80×25
Diameter of abrasive segment(when mounted on adaptor) mm 480 480 480
Motor Power Total power consumption kW about 60 about 60 about 60
Grinding spindle power kW 45 45 45
Working Accuracy Parallelism to datum surface mm 00:00. 00:00. 00:00.
Surface finish μm ≤Ra1.25 ≤Ra1.25 ≤Ra1.25
Machine Weight Net weight kg 13500 16000 21500
Gross weight kg 15500 18000 23500
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 9400×2100×2600 11400×2100×2600 15400×2100×2600
Accessories Magnetic chuck pce 2pcs 400×1500 2pcs 400×2000 3pcs 400×2000
abrasive segment adaptor set 1 1 1
abrasive segment pce 20 20 20
Levelling block set 26 38 46

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