DPXB-40H Hard blister packing machine

DPXB-40H Hard blister packing machine

DPXB/ H Model blister packing machine is specifically designed for rigid film packaging only and constructed in accordance with the requirements of both the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to modern and user-friendly GMP compliant technology, the H model is ideal for packing glass syringes, I.V cannula, 3-way stopcock, tablets, capsules, caplets, and non-pharmaceutical products. As it is designed in compliance with CE standards for durability and reliability, the machine features a hybrid design, with a servo-driven clip chain and pneumatic tooling. Furthermore, optimal usage of machine time is achieved due to a combination of quick and easy adjustment features for fast changeovers. The stronger gripper chain is solid and suitable for rigid packaging materials to ensure operational reliability and continuity.

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Medium to high production capability 
Ability to run rigid materials such as PS, PETS, PVC, HIPS and etc. 
Maximum cycle rate of 15 cycles per minute 
Standard cut-off length 200mm and max up to 250mm customized 
Standard forming depth up to 50 mm 
Servo driven chain and cutting die 
Automatic scrap rewind system

Integration and supply of thermal transfer printers, inkjet printers

Package Types:
Semi-Rigid Packaging 
Rigid Packaging

Package Change Parts:
One and two preheat stations using contact heating from one side or both sides 
Thermoforming around a male plug 
Temperature controlled plug assist 
S/R packages using male-female cutting dies for entire package cutting 
Quick Change feature

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