Introduction to the characteristics of thermoforming packaging machine

Introduction to the characteristics of thermoforming packaging machine

Features of thermoforming packaging machine: wide adaptability, can pack solid, liquid, fragile products, soft and hard materials, etc. It can carry out tray packaging, blister packaging, body packaging, soft film vacuum, hard film inflatable and other packaging.

High efficiency, the packaging rate of some fully automatic thermoforming packaging machines can reach more than 12 working cycles in a short minute.

Meet the hygienic requirements: when mechanical filling is used, no manual labor is required in the entire packaging process, from box making to packaging in one effort, reducing transitional pollution. If high-temperature-resistant packaging materials are used, high-temperature sterilization can be performed after packaging, thereby extending the shelf life of perishable products.

Reduce packaging costs. Because the packaging can be formed on the machine, there is no need to make boxes in advance, which can save the cost of box-making, save the storage space of packaging materials, and improve the hygienic conditions.

save human effort. The whole packaging process is completed automatically by the machine except the filling area. The filling work can be done manually or by a filling machine.

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