Thermoforming Machines

The thermoforming machines are made of stainless steel and designed from ZY Automation for easy cleaning, to prevent the buildup of working residues and to grant durability. The possibility to use different types of films, the simple operation, the different fields of application together with easy and limited maintenance, make the form-fill-seal machine the right choice many companies. Machine is equipped with PLC and programming keyboard. Up to 50 programs can be stored, thus defining all parameters of the technological cycle (times, temperatures, vacuum level required for packages, drive pitch, chain speed and input of the various machine functions). For flexible films the user can choose between compressed air and/or vacuum forming. With rigid film compressed air is often used with plug assistance to ensure a high quality of forming. Different shaped trays can be easily and quickly obtained by simply changing the inner part of the die. This machine are manual or automatic, depending on product and quantities. The sealing plate can be designed for easy-opening of the tray.

DPXB/40B Advanced Thermoforming Packaging Machines

DPXB/40B model advanced thermoforming machine is an entirely new machine design concept. ZY Automati

DPXB/40B-F Thermoforming Vacuum Machine

The DPXB/40B-F is the ideal vacuum packaging machine for the food industry production of superior th

DPXB-40H Automatic Blister Packing Machine

DPXB/ H Model blister packing machine is specifically designed for rigid film packaging only and con

DPXB-40C Thermoformed Packaging Machine

DPXB/C Model thermoforming machine is our superior model for flexible or rigid film sealable packagi

DPXB-T Thermoformed Tray Machine

DPXB/T series thermoformed tray machine, new generation of vacuum and pressure forming machi