Matters needing attention in the production of Medical Grade Paper for Sterilization

Matters needing attention in the production of Medical Grade Paper for Sterilization

The Medical Grade Paper for Sterilization is a kind of disposable medical sterilization packaging material. It has good air permeability, is conducive to the penetration of the sterilization medium, has high antibacterial performance after sterilization, convenient chemical monitoring of the sterilization process, and simple packaging and sealing. , Good perspective, long safety period after sterilization, easy opening, etc., at the same time, it can greatly reduce the purchase cost and the convenience of waste recovery, meet environmental protection requirements, and is a medical sterilization packaging material with the best comprehensive performance. However, in each link of the actual production of Medical Grade Paper for Sterilization, some problems are often encountered. We need to pay attention to the following points.

Medical Grade Paper for Sterilization

1. The correct selection of materials is the first step in the manufacture of Medical Grade Paper for Sterilization

According to EN868-5, ISO11607-1:2006, GB/T19633-2005 and YY/T0698-2009 requirements for sterilization packaging. Compatible with the sterilization method used, the performance of the packaging material should be within the specified limits after being subjected to the specified sterilization method. Packaging materials should facilitate the entry and exit of sterilization factors to ensure the sterilization effect. The packaging material should have sufficient strength to prevent damage during sterilization. These include the tensile strength, puncture strength, tear strength and burst strength of the material. The material itself does not contain any potentially risky ingredients, and it also includes the surface coating components of some packaging materials. The material is stable under conventional and designated sterilization environments, and does not decompose, split, or transfer potentially harmful substances to the substrate. The surface of the packaged equipment, etc.

2. Product design is also an important link that cannot be ignored

A qualified medical sterilization package is inseparable from a reasonable design. From packaging style to production and processing, all need to be fully considered. When designing packaging, take into account the characteristics and needs of the product as much as possible: products that need to be protected from light cannot be packaged with paper and plastic, and aluminum foil composite bags or paper-aluminum composite bags should be used; products with a certain thickness should be packaged in paper-plastic bags , There is no need to use a center seam breathable bag to pack more beautiful and reliable; while products that require large air permeability, use paper-plastic bags or all-paper bags as much as possible; products that require moisture retention or liquids should be made of materials with good barrier properties. Packaging and so on.