Precautions for the use of blister machine

Precautions for the use of blister machine

Because the blister machine can help us all bring certain benefits. Strong adaptability to the specifications of the production products. The blister molding method can be used to manufacture various products of extra large, extra small, extra thick and extra thin;

Blister machine product molds are easy to manufacture and have high production efficiency; used in plastic packaging industries such as blister packaging, plastics, batteries, toys, gifts, hardware, home appliances, electronics, stationery, decorative food packaging industries, fast food boxes, fruit trays, biscuits Boxes etc.

With so many characteristics, it can be seen that the blister machine has an impact on industrial production to a certain degree, but when there are minor problems with the machine, the maintenance of the blister machine is not separate. In order to avoid problems with the blister machine, you should pay attention to some precautions when using it.

1. Wear the work clothes specified in the workshop before starting the job.

2. Clean up around the equipment, and do not allow items unrelated to the equipment to be stored on the equipment.

3. Clean up the debris outside the equipment, wipe the blister mold with clean cotton yarn to remove oil stains on the surface of the mold.

4. Check the oil level of the hydraulic station for insufficient filling.

5. Before starting the machine, carefully check the power supply, control system, and heating system of the blister machine to see if it is normal and whether the button is in the correct position.

6. Install the mold accurately on the blister machine, adjust the size of the surrounding film and the position of the pressure plate to ensure the surrounding seal. During the installation process, the upper mold stop lock must be fixed.