The advantages and classification of thermoforming vacuum packaging

The advantages and classification of thermoforming vacuum packaging

In the product packaging industry, thermoforming vacuum packaging is a kind of equipment that uses more packaging products. This packaging machine has a high degree of automation and is suitable for large-scale packaging of various block, granular, and paste items, such as fish, poultry, Meat products, pickles, jam, butter, dairy products, etc., can also be used for packaging and disinfection of items in large sterile rooms in hospitals. The following editor will tell you the advantages and classification of thermoforming packaging machine.

Thermoforming vacuum packaging can be extended by a variety of accessory devices, such as: 1. Feeding and unloading device: conveyor belt synchronized with the host or stepless speed regulation; 2. Photoelectric registration mark controller: used to register the printed pattern The upper film or the lower film; 3. Filling device: different from the packaged items, used to fill various items; 4. Cutting device: cutting round, elliptical and other heterosexual packages, and can also cut tearing cracks and hang Hole, etc.; 5. Labeling device: affix the label to the required position; 6. Printing device: print production date, shelf life, specifications, etc.; 7. Embossing device: make the surface convex, press the company code; 8. .Flexible plate printing machine: large area printing on the package; 9. Cooling device: used for reprocessing of cooling water; 10. Scrap crusher: crushing the waste edge into easily treatable fragments or particles.

   1. Compared with general vacuum packaging machines, thermoforming machines have the following advantages:

1. Due to the method of thermoforming by coil material, self-made packaging container on the packaging machine is easy to realize multi-line parallel operation, and the productivity is higher than that of the prepared packaging container; the number of cycles can reach 30 times per minute, and hundreds of packaging can be packed per minute Pieces;

   2. An oxygen-free gas flushing device is set between two vacuuming, which can improve the deoxygenation effect and extend the shelf life;

  3. The product packaging after using thermoforming packaging machine is beautiful in appearance, which can increase consumers' desire to buy;

  4. Packing goods come in from one end, and come out at the other end, which is convenient to form an assembly line. This kind of packaging machine has been widely popular in the world. It partially replaces the vacuum packaging machine using flat bags. Its structure is getting better and more varieties.

   2. Classification of thermoforming vacuum packaging:

  According to thermoforming methods: there are vacuum plastic molding, compressed air molding, shallow drawing drawing molding, deep drawing drawing molding, etc. There are also mixed molding of the above two molding methods;

  According to the structure, there are cover type, pneumatic type, hydraulic type and all mechanical type.

   The above is the advantages and classification of thermoforming vacuum packaging that the editor will tell you. I hope the above description can bring you some help. Thank you for your attention!