The development status of thermoforming packaging machine

The development status of thermoforming packaging machine

There are more than 3,000 domestic thermoforming packaging machine companies, including more than 300 factories with an annual output of more than 1,000 tons. Due to the low investment costs of small thermoforming packaging machine, there are a large number of small workshops in the country. Thermoformed products are mainly used in food packaging, non-food packaging and cutting materials, and different application fields have different requirements for raw materials.

thermoforming packaging machine

1 food packaging
The raw materials used in the domestic food thermoforming packaging production market are mainly PP, PS and PET. Most of the PP raw materials used are colored PP materials, such as lunch boxes, meat trays, tofu trays, etc. The main colors used are milky white, black, red, etc. Natural PP is mainly used in cups, lids and meat trays; transparent PP is mainly used in cups and lids.

2 Non-food packaging
The domestic industrial thermoforming packaging machine production market is relatively complex, with low-end products as the main products, such as tool packaging; mid-to-high-end industrial blister packaging, such as electronics, medicine, petrochemical and other fields. In 2017, the annual domestic use of transparent sheets in the industrial thermoformed packaging field was about 578,985 tons, mainly in the fields of medical capsule blister, tool packaging (stationery, hardware supplies), electronics, and cleaning products.

3 cut slices
In the domestic cutting material field, the folding box part consumes the largest amount of sheet material. PP sheets are used in folding boxes, window packaging and supermarket hanging strips, and a small amount of transparent PP is used in high-end folding boxes.