Thermoforming package is more suitable for ETO gas sterilization

Thermoforming package is more suitable for ETO gas sterilization

ETO sterilization

Ethylene oxide has been used as an insecticide, pesticide and sterilizing medium for spices, gums and (latterly medical devices) since 1928. Today it is quite common to use this as a sterilant and many a times along with inert gas.

The method of action of ethylene oxide is a complex interaction of a number of important factors. The mechanism of action of ethylene oxide is commonly attributed to its alkylating properties. A hydrogen atom may be replaced by an alkyl group. Ethylene oxide may also react with a carboxylic acid to form a longer chain hydrocarbon and free a hydrogen radical. ETO sterilization depends on following factors:
      1. Chamber temperature
      1. Relative humidity
      1. Time of exposure
      1. Concentration of the gas
      1. Physical and chemical nature of the environment in which the microbial contaminants are located and the type and the number of microorganisms during gaseous ETO sterilization.

It has been observed that the thermoforming package which use medical Grade Paper on one side helps in faster aeration of EO Gas than laminate on both the sides. Permeability is one of the most important criteria. Not only must be sterilant be able to permeate the package, but the packaging material must have sufficient breathability to permit release of toxic residues (e.g. ethylene oxide residual gas). Additionally, the porosity and bond strength (the seal, or bond, between two packaging sub-strates) must be adequate enough to maintain package integrity.

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