Tips for using inkjet printers

Tips for using inkjet printers

In the process of using color inkjet cartridges, pay attention to the balanced use of red, yellow, blue and other hues. Don’t just print pictures that focus on one color, because as long as one color is used up in the ink cartridge, even if the other colors are not used up , The inkjet cartridge can no longer be used. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution of the printed picture, the more ink is used. Light colors consume less ink, and bright red or blue composite colors require more than one basic color to be synthesized, and therefore consume more ink.

Do not switch the inkjet printer frequently, because many types of printers will perform a self-check program when they are turned on, and will consume ink. Try to collect the materials that need to be printed and print together, which will also save ink. If the integrated ink cartridge print head is dry and clogged, the following methods can be used to improve it:

1. Immerse the print head part in warm water for about 10-20 minutes, and let the warm water dissolve the dried dye.

2. Put the print head on a few soft and dry paper towels, and let the paper towels slowly absorb the residual moisture and ink from the nozzle. Please do not wipe the print head hard. If the ink cartridge needs to be used immediately, you can put it back in the correct position in the printer. If you don’t use it temporarily, you can purchase a special print head protector for proper storage. The rubber pad in the protector can block the air and keep the nozzle moist for a long time.

3. Never print again when the ink cartridge is out of ink. Printing will burn the nozzle.