Tray Sealer Applications in the Food Industry

Tray Sealer Applications in the Food Industry

Tray Sealer, is an important piece of packaging equipment in the food industry. Here are a few of the main applications of Tray Sealer in the food industry:

1. Fresh food packaging

Tray Sealer effectively seals trays containing fresh food such as fruits, vegetables and deli items. This sealing method maintains the freshness of food and extends its shelf life.

2. Heat seal packaging

In heat seal packaging, the Tray Sealer heat-seals the plastic film onto the tray. This packaging method is commonly used for frozen foods and cooked foods, such as frozen dumplings and bento boxes.

3. Vacuum packaging

Tray Sealer can also be used for vacuum packaging. By extracting the air in the tray and sealing it, it can prevent food from oxidizing and extend the shelf life of food. This type of packaging is commonly used for meat and seafood products.

4. Modified atmosphere packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging is an advanced packaging technology. Tray Sealer can inject a specific gas mixture into the tray and then seal it. This packaging method can effectively extend the shelf life of food while maintaining its color, taste and nutrition.

Tray Sealer is widely used in the food industry, providing an efficient, hygienic and reliable food packaging solution. Whether it is a small food processing plant or a large food production line, the Tray Sealer is an indispensable piece of equipment.