The difference between thermal printer and thermal transfer printer

The difference between thermal printer and thermal transfer printer

1. Different consumables:

The consumables of the thermal printer are: thermal paper;

The consumables of the thermal transfer printer are: self-adhesive label paper, PET, PVC, washing label, tag and other label media, and thermal paper can also be used for printing.

2. Shelf life of label paper:

Thermal printers have different shelf life for the printed images due to different environments. Under certain circumstances, the shelf life is half a year;

The images produced by thermal transfer printers have a longer warranty period, generally more than two years or longer, and the warranty period is determined by the use of different media.

3. Applicable place:

Thermal printers: retail, catering, shopping malls, supermarkets, clothing stores, logistics, and other industries that do not require high bar codes;

Thermal transfer printers: automobile industry, food sector, electronics industry, textile industry, manufacturing, telecommunications, medical industry, public utilities, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, retail distribution industry, transportation and logistics, government agencies and other enterprises ;

4. Cost comparison:

Thermal printers have lower cost, no ribbons, and lower ink consumables;

The cost of thermal transfer printers is higher than that of thermal printers and requires different label papers and ribbons to be used together.