DPXB/40B Advanced Thermoforming Packaging Machines

DPXB/40B Advanced Thermoforming Packaging Machines

DPXB/40B model advanced thermoforming machine is an entirely new machine design concept. ZY Automation has redesigned every section of our thermoforming machine, to be competent at the strict hygiene and deep cleaning requirements demanded by today’s food and medical packaging industry and it conforms to GMP and CE requirements. It’s our basic model for flexible film and semi-rigid sealable packaging, which can be used for packing such as disposable sterile medical products and instruments, consumer goods packaging. 

Package Types
• Modular construction.
• Easy open side guards, accessing to internal components of the machine with removable lateral covers  and to be easily cleaned. 
• Lightweight design, entire stainless steel structure to SUS 304, adaptations for clean rooms. 
• Hygienic design that repels the accumulation of contamination residue.
• Integrated cutting system ( perforation/ rotary/ shear cutting as option).
• Different types of lifting systems for the tools are available.
• Easy adjust the tools and easy change formats.
• Minimised use of internal air/cooling water piping and wiring, all built inside. 
• Large colorful touch screen (HMI).

• Optional – adjustable package height and vacuum package. 

• Advanced Thermoforming Packaging Machines

Type of packaging

• Flexible Packaging
• Foil-Foil Packaging
• Vacuum Packaging

• Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP)

Longitudinal cutting

• Rotary knife assembly
• Squeezing knife assembly
• Roller shear cutting assembly – line cutting

• Roller shear cutting assembly – strip cutting

Types of cutting

• Longitudinal and cross-cutting
• Shape cutting
• Longitudinal perforation
• Cross-cutting perforation

Cross cutting

• Cross cutting unit for flexible film – straight cut
• Cross cutting unit for flexible film – perforation cut

Types of forming

• Only with compressed air
• With compressed air and vacuum
• With pre-heating of film
• With pre-heating of film and plugs

Cut-off length

• Without preheating: up to 650 mm
• With preheating: up to 400 mm

Depth of forming

• Standard forming depth: up to 80mm
• Max forming depth: up to 130mm

Control system

• Colourful LCD touch screen
• Control elements from SMC Pneumatics, Mitsubishi PLC
& Servo motor, Schneider Electric, , Busch, ORIGA others

Specification of films

• Film width: from 320 up to 560 mm
• Upper film: flexible film, paper, folio
• Thickness up to 25 microns
• Lower film: flexible film, folio
• Thickness up to 25 microns
• Printed upper film and paper

Potential options for machines

• BRY Flexographic Flat Printer 
• GRY Flexographic Rotary Printer
• HSA Inkjet Printer 
• Thermal Transfer Printer