FS40 Vacuum Collection Barrel for Packing  Industry

FS40 Vacuum Collection Barrel for Packing Industry

The vacuum scrap collection barrel has been designed with the packaging industry in mind. When a packaging machine cuts and trims the plastic packaging material, a large amount of plastic scrap is produced. The barrel collects these scrap pieces into a container using vacuum created by a three-stage centrifugal blower. The unique design of this system collects the scrap pieces on the inside of the collection container while the actual suction of the blower is in the center of the container, which allows the removable canister to fill completely. The centrifugal blower has the additional benefits of low noise and low power requirements. The outer housing is made of stainless steel to be compatible with the requirements of the food industry.

Package Types

• Vacuum Collection Barrel for Packing  Industry with three-stage centrifugal blower for maximum flow and low power requirements
• Air-cooled drive motor–cool operation for long and trouble- free service life
• Stainless steel housing and completely oil-less blower – for operation in food packaging areas
• Caster mounted–for easy mobility
• Transparent cover–a quick look tells when collection canister needs to be emptied, releasing, three
  clips allows the canister to be easily removed.
• Dual suction ports–Permits collection of scraps from two points on the trim line.
• Vacuum Collection Barrel for Packing  Industry