GRY Flexographic Rotary Printer

GRY Flexographic Rotary Printer

GRY Series flexographic rotary printers are the latest state of the art, high quality flexographic printers for in-line printing directly onto the package.  These printers provide high resolution single color printing on TYVEK™ and other medical grade paper. This printer features the smallest foot print in the industry and is easily retrofitted on all horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines. The unique drive system eliminates clutches and offers a most precise registration that also helps reduce stress on package seals. The GRY flexographic rotary printer offers the lowest cost per impression solution to your printing needs.

Package Types

• GRY Flexographic Rotary Printer for in-line printing directly onto the package
• Print Width (Across Web): 440mm
• Print Length (Index): 600mm
• Maximum working cycle: 18 cycles/min
• Equipment power: 220VAC/2 KW
• Overall dimension: H120cm×W46cm×H56cm
• Weight: 120Kgs

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